Who deleted me on Facebook?

Our 478 287 users know the answer!
Why can't I see anyone that deleted me?

There are two options - either no one has deleted you OR you've just registered with us. If so, we started tracking your friendships and once something's changed we'll have it on record here, and also - we'll email you! ;-)

I'm not receiving any emails from you, why?

You should receive an email daily but only if your list of friends has changed - someone deletes or adds you.
If you never receive emails from us you should check your Spam box.

I have an old friend who now appears as new, why?

There's only one answer to this question - your friend has temporarily disabled their profile and now they have re-activated it.

My best friend appeared on the deleted list, what?

Remember - there are several ways someone to appear on the deleted list:
1. You have deleted them
2. They have deleted you
3. They have de-activated their facebook account
4. Or - they have disallowed access to their data by apps

When I click on a profile the page is not found?

For good or bad your friend has deactivated their account or completely blocked you.

The number of friends shown here is different to what I see on Facebook, why?

Some of your friends might have chosen to hide themselves from our app, hence they can't be tracked.

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